Mason Clover "The Isaiah 43 Project" a collection of songs for worship by Messianic Artist Mason Clover

Brenda Wheeler-

Devoted to the Heavenly Father, Brenda is a Wife, Mother, and Singer/Song writer.  Brenda is the seasoned veteran on the Abiron Records label with three full length albums released to date.  Blending Hebraic lyrics with a Americana / Folk sound.  Coming from a country music background, Brenda’s dad has been the lead singer in a band since he was a junior in high school. His sound drew mainly from 60's and 70's with J. Cash. Jennings, and Jones, and Johnny Horton as his favorites. It was the sound track of her childhood. Brenda however has set out to combine multiple sounds to form her own. After releasing her first two albums, Armor or Elohim and Genesis, Brenda has decided to take a different turn with her music. Pursuing a path of a singer/songwriter...putting the emphasis on the lyrics, which she feels is the most important part. Brenda started writing songs for her children and quickly grew a fan base outside her own home. With a heart fueled by fire and a passion full by Yahweh Brenda has begun her next step in her music career.

Mason Clover-

Mason Clover is a Messianic Worship Leader / Artist from Nashville, TN.  Blending contemporary sounds with lyrics rooted in Hebraic meanings sets Mason Clover apart from all other Messianic, Hebrew Roots, and Christian worship leaders and artists.  With the debut of "An Intimate Look" in 2008 Mason Clover released an album unlike anything else in the Messianic music scene.  Although it took some time for the songs to gain ground within the Messianic movement "Adonai" "Halleluyah" and "Revive Us" all received International Radio airplay on more than 20 Christian Radio stations.  Mason Clover has been called many times the Next Generation of Messianic Music following in the footsteps of some amazingly talented worship leaders who have gone before him.  In 2009 Mason Clover helped produce "Israel Worships" a live worship album with artists like Rut Hughes, Justin McLendon, Steve Manning, and Lenny and Varda.  Mason also helped produce "Into My Heart" by Brenda Wheeler.  Mason is set to release his second full length studio album in 2011 called "The Isaiah 43 Project."

Rut Hughes-

When you think of Messianic Music you think of a Minor Key, with Middle-Eastern sounding arrangements.  Very Israeli Folk sounding.  Now close your eyes and listen.  Is it Aretha Franklin, could it be CeCe Winans?  Nope.......  It's Rut Hughes.  Never before has there been a Worship Artist like this in the Hebraic Roots Movement.  With songs like "Shema" and "Daughters of Zion" Rut delivers a soulful approach to the ancient scriptures.  With lyrics derived from the pages of the Holy Scriptures you can feel the heart of the Father being poured out in her songs.  Rut is a unique artist!  An artist that has a humble heart, a servant of YHWH (G-d) of Israel.  This songstress ignites the passion in your heart with every lyric she graciously echos.  As the pioneer of Messianic R&B with a blues twist Rut Hughes unique style crosses all cultural and generational boundaries, and unites the children of Israel.  For it says if you believe in Messiah, you are Abraham's seed, heirs according to the promise.  Rut was featured on "Israel Worships" a live album recorded at the MIA 2009 International Conference with Mason Clover, Steve Manning, Lenny and Varda, and Justin Mclendon.